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More Books from Radiant Dolphin Press

Radiant Dolpin Press has in stock the second edition of Meditation from Thought to Action! Completely revised with a new appendix on the latest neuroscience research about meditation. On sale now!

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More Books from Radiant Dolphin Press

Taekwondo: Building on the basics

Taekwondo: Building on the basics improves Taekwondo skills at every level. This book shows many ways to improve the fundamentals, extend them with multiple variations, and add new skills to extend possibilities. Practitioners are encouraged to stretch themselves intellectually, with skill drills, photographs and tips throughout.

Become the best martial artist you can be!

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More Great Books from Radiant Dolphin Press

Self-Hypnosis for Women with Audio CD

Self-Hypnosis for Women is a handbook for women to use self-hypnosis for enhancing their physical and mental quality of life...>Read more!

Three book/CD combinations, offering a complete course in the practice and application of meditation!

All CD's separated into tracks for easy access to different sections. Meditate briefly, or have an intense, 70-minute long experience with each CD.

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See our new articles. Learn about Hypnosis. Tap the potentials of your unconscious mind.>Read More!


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Meditation from Thought to Action with Audio CD

by C. Alexander and Annellen Simpkins
ISBN: 0967911362

List: $18.95

Direct: $15.50