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Buddhism in Ten

Easy Lessons for Spiritual Growth

ISBN: 0-8048-3452-0

C. Alexander Simpkins Ph.D. and Annellen Simpkins Ph.D.

List price: $12.95

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152 pages

Pub: 2003, Tuttle Publishing

The Buddhist tradition develops a life of wisdom, awareness, and compassion. Buddhism guides an inner journey of discovery to find happiness and fulfillment in even the smallest moment. Buddhism in Ten begins with a short historical overview to present the development and evolution of this ancient and long-lived philosophy. The ten lessons contain fundamental principles of Buddhism along with clear and effecctive ways to apply Buddhism to many areas of life. With simple exercises and step-by-step methods, Buddhism in Ten will help you on the Buddhist path of meditation, mindfulness, and enlightened living.

*Open Your Mind with Buddhist Literature

*The Four Noble Truths: The Core of Buddhism

*The Eightfold Path: The Method of Travel

*Right Mindfulness: The Tool of Awareness

*Right Meditation for a Clear Mind

*Emptiness is Marvelous

*Mind is All There Is

*Art: Creating Outside the Box

*Overcoming Obstacles to an Enlightened Life

*Living Enlightenment