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Self-Hypnosis for Women

Book/CD combination



C. Alexander Simpkins PhD & Annellen Simpkins PhD

Self-Hypnosis for Women is a handbook for women to use self-hypnosis for enhancing their physical and mental quality of life.

Part One answers commonly asked questions and then gives the background of hypnosis including research.

Part Two teaches the use of suggestion, trance, and overcoming resistance.

Part Three begins with initiating a general change process and then addresses specific issues: anxiety, moods, weight, menstruation, childbirth, menopause

Nonspecific topics are also included throughout such as learning to attune to the unconscious, finding and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, handling change with courage, and fostering inner resources. Guidance in creative individualizing of the applications is encouraged!

The CD includes guided trance induction, utilization, and ways to facilitate the process.

ISBN 0967911397 220 pages & 70 minute audio CD

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