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Simple Taoism

A Guide to Living in Balance

C. Alexander Simpkins Ph.D. and Annellen Simpkins Ph.D.

ISBN: 0-8048-3173-4

List: $12.95

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177 pages

Pub: 1999, Tuttle Publishing

Taoism is an ancient philosophy whose wellspring is the mysterious guiding principle of Tao. Although Taoism is mystical, its application to life is practical. Simple Taoism is designed to help readers understand what Taoism is and how to put it to practical use. The book is divided into three parts. Part I gives the history and development of the philosophy, illustrated with stories to bring it to life. Part II explains key concepts crystallizing Taoist principles. Part III shows ways to bring the insights of this time-honored Eastern philosophy into your life, so that you can live the wisdom for yourself!

Learn about these Taoist principles and more:

*The Tao

*Yin and Yang



*Chi Kung

*Living in Balance

NAPRA ReView: A little book of simple pleasures, this one (Simple Zen) and its companion Simple Taoism: A Guide to Living in Balance will appeal to the Western mind that seeks solace from the maelstrom of furious thinking that our society and livelihoods seem to demand. Each of these books is an oasis, guiding the reader through these mysterious Eastern philosophies with an efficient yet reverent respect for their long histories. Immersed in the roots and beginnings of Zen or Taoism, the Simpkins' work is like a walk in a quiet forest on a warm day...Beautifully presented and steeped in stories, legends, practices, examples, and exercises, these books will be a welcome addition to any collection on these subjects, and a good start to a clearer consciousness.

Martial Arts and Combat Sports Magazine: With over 60 years of combined experience in studies of the mind, the Simpkins are uniquely qualified writers who present a clear, concise explanation of the somewhat esoteric topics without losing any of the beauty of art which makes Zen and Taoism so appealing to millions of followers around the world.