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Simple Zen

A Guide to Living Moment by Moment

C. Alexander Simpkins Ph.D. and Annellen Simpkins Ph.D.

ISBN: 0-8048-3174-2

List: $12.95

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158 pages

Pub: 1999, Tuttle Publishing

Zen is a dynamic way to enhance living, to develop inner calm and better functioning even in the midst of a busy life. Simple Zen is a clear and accessible introduction to the practice of Zen Buddhism. With simple exercises for entering Zen through meditation and the Zen arts, this book is designed to help readers experience Zen for themselves. Part I offers a lively history with stories of pivotal masters who helped to shape Zen's journey through time. Part II discusses key themes and Part III gives step-by-step instructions for practicing and integrating Zen into life.

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Review from Goucher College Quarterly: Within the ancient philosophy of Zen are dynamic instructions to calm the self in the midst of modern chaos or overload. 'Simple Zen, A Guide to Living Moment by Moment' is a pocket-sized guide that you'll want to leave close to your bedside or in your book bag for life. Organized into three interrelated parts, the book describes the origins of Zen and stories of great Zen masters, key themes revealed along the path of Zen, and a section showing the reader how to bring the insights of Zen into daily modern life. Enlightenment is the key word and the central concept of Zen. It 'encourages people to have faith in themselves and not to go looking for something outside of themselves.' Listen to your soul. Pay attention to experience and live your life fully. Chock full of meditations, poetry, and traditional Zen exercises, such as arranging flowers, performing the tea ceremony, brush painting and martial arts, the book is full of obtainable instructions on how to seek inner power and self-knowledge. If you want a clear, short, and easy-to-read book on Zen and how to achieve enlightenment, 'Simple Zen' is the book for you.




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