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Taekwondo: Building on the Basics

Taekwondo: Building on the Basics improves Taekwondo skills at every level. This book shows many ways to improve the fundamentals, extend them with multiple variations, and add new skills to extend possibilities. Practitioners are encouraged to stretch themselves intellectually as well as physically, with skill drills, photographs, & tips through out


* Helpful stretching methods

* Evasive footwork

* Effective hard and soft blocks

* Innovative hand strikes

* Kicking fundamentals, variations and combinations.

* Unlock hidden secrets in forms

* Strategies and techniques for superior sparring

* Self-defense

* Locks and holds

* Groundwork

* Infighting

* Philosophical roots of Taekwondo

* Losing fear; finding courage

* Clear meditation instructions to unify mind and body


* AND much more!


Become the best martial artist you can be!


350 illustrations

261 pages


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Author Bios:

C. Alexander Simpkins and Annellen M. Simpkins have been practicing and teaching martial arts for more than 35 years. They have trained 1000's of students and many fine black belts. They teach Tae Chun Do, an original style with Taekwondo as one of its root styles. They have written 100's of articles for all the major martial arts magazines and are authors of 20 books on Eastern philosophy, psychology, hypnosis, meditation, and martial arts, including Chung Do Kwan: The Power of Tae Kwon Do.