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Tao in Ten

Easy Lessons for Spiritual Growth

ISBN: 0-804834512

C. Alexander Simpkins Ph.D. and Annellen Simpkins Ph.D.

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158 pages

Pub: 2002, Tuttle Publishing

Throughout the ages people have turned to Taoist thought for its sense of simplicity and harmony. Tao in Ten presents fundamental teachings from Taoism in ten easy lessons. The book begins with a brief history to explain the background and development of Taoism. Each of the ten lessons gives experiences and understandings of a key Taoist principle, revealing the infinite potentials for better living at One with Tao. With its inviting tone and simple message, Tao in Ten provides a foundation for bringing the lessons of the Tao into your life.

*Begin with Tao

*Attuning to your True Nature

*Wu-Wei: Accomplish more by doing less

*Yin and yang: Accepting and Integrating Opposites

*Chi: Activate your Energy

*Healthy Living Through Eastern Medicine

*Martial Arts: Developing Inner Strength and Using It Well

*Enhancing your Creativity

*Following your Dreams

*From Tao to Te: Mastering Life