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Zen in Ten

Easy Lessons for Spiritual Growth

ISBN: 0-8048-3450

C. Alexander Simpkins Ph.D. and Annellen Simpkins Ph.D.

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152 pages

Pub: 2003, Tuttle Publishing

Zen is a great source of insight, inspiration, and balance through its sophisticated method for developing and working with the mind. This book begins with a brief history to reveal Zen's development and evolution through the ages. The ten lessons give fundamental principles and significant understandings of Zen. Beginning with meditation, Zen in Ten guides readers step-by-step on a Zen path of infinite possibilities for better living. Filled with traditional Zen stories, methods, and meditational exercises, Zen in Ten will bring Zen practice into your life!

*Meditation: Tapping Mind's Potential

*Sutras: Initiating a Zen Perspective

*Koans: How to Think Intuitively

*Finding Enlightenment

*Oneness with Nature: An Inner Resource

*Zen Arts: Creating the Uncreated

*Tea Ceremony: Simple Heart, Tranquil Moment

*Martial Arts: Beyond Technique to Mastery

*Personal Transformation

*Your Zen Life

Review from Bookloons: For such a small volume, Zen in Ten packs a powerful punch. It's a great place to start for any who have an interest in Zen practice, in its history or in the arts associated with it. This is a book to read, re-read, and to use as a springboard for further exploration of Zen.





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