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Principles of Meditation with Audio CD

ISBN 0967911389

C. Alexander Simpkins Ph.D. & Annellen M. Simpkins Ph.D.


Sale : $15.50

132 pp & 80 min audio CD

PUB: 4/04


Principles of Meditation with Audio CD introduces Westerners to the deep and ancient tradition of meditation and then guides them step-by-step into personally experiencing it. The first part of the book distills key principles of meditation derived from Eastern philosophies of Yoga, Buddhism, Zen, & Taoism. The second section begins with familiar mental skills such as attention, concentration, and visualization to prepare for a new use of the mind. The third part instructs in fundamental meditation methods that further develop the mind.  The fourth part briefly introduces readers to applying meditation.

The CD begins with a brief lecture on meditation in Eastern philosophies. Part Two helps listeners hone their mental tools.  Part Three guides step-by-step into the most important meditation traditions of breathing, visualizing, mind/body harmony, and emptiness, ending with meditations to bring about deep inner calm.

  • Learn About the Philosophical Roots of Meditation
  • Hone Your Mental Tools to Get  Ready
  • Experience Meditation with Carefully Guided Instructions