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Make Your New Year's Resolutions a Reality!

With the New Year comes the opportunity for a better future. And one of the most popular ways to try to bring about a positive change is by making New Year's Resolutions. You can enhance the likelihood that you will follow through on your resolutions by maximizing the potentials of the mind to work for you in accomplishing your goals. Hypnosis and meditation offer powerful tools that can be applied directly to help enhance your resolve. By working sensitively with your mind, you can flow naturally and easily into the positive lifestyle you want.

One explanation for problems people have in keeping their New Years Resolutions is the Law of Reversed Effort. When people resolve to make a positive change they try to will themselves to do it. But often, as they say, "I can", the opposite thought "I can't" comes in, too. An inner struggle follows, often resulting in little or no progress. So the good intentions to stick to a healthy diet, to stop smoking, or to be calmer, may be lost.

Hypnosis and meditation offer alternatives to typical patterns. By working correctly with your mind you can utilize many natural abilities you may not be familiar with. For example, everyone has had times when they have used their imagination. Did you know that imagination can be applied as a powerful tool to overcome the Law of Reversed Effort and help bring about lasting change? Applying imagination correctly with sensitive direction of the unconscious, you can keep your resolutions and achieve your goals.

Radiant Dolphin Press has a number of books that can help you keep those resolutions to make 2007 your best year ever!

Lose weight, get in shape, eat well, exercise regularly, be more focused, feel more relaxed, conrol your moods, be less angry, have more energy, and open your mind for learning. These are just a few of the possibilities! Stay on the path you have chosen and enjoy great results!

Hypnosis has a long and well respected history as a powerful method to help make positive changes and keep them going. Look for our two book/CD combinations that teach how to use hypnosis for self improvement: Effective Self Hypnosis with Audio CD and Self Hypnosis for Women with Audio CD for a clear and effective hypnotic method to guide you in making your new years resolutions a reality! Included are chapters on weight control, smoking cessation, forming better habits, becoming calmer, more focused, and much more!

If you prefer to work with meditation as your tool, Principles of Meditation with CD, Living Meditation with CD, and Meditation from Thought to Action with CD will guide you to improving your life by developing the mental tool of meditation. With meditation you can be more aware, calm, healthy, mentally sharp, and focused to improve skills and bring about a happier, more fulfilling life.

Happy New Year from Radiant Dolphin Press!


Self-Hypnosis for Women with Audio CD


by C. Alexander and Annellen Simpkins
ISBN: 0967911397

List: $29.95

Direct: $20.972

Meditation from Thought to Action with Audio CD

by C. Alexander and Annellen Simpkins
ISBN: 0967911362

List: $18.95

Direct: $15.50


Principles of Meditation with Audio CD


by C. Alexander and Annellen Simpkins
ISBN: 0967911389

List: $18.95

Direct: $15.50


Living Meditation with Audio CD
by C. Alexander and Annellen Simpkins
ISBN: 0967911354

List: $18.95

Direct: $15.50