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Meditation from Thought to Action with Audio CD, Second Edition

ISBN: 0976816032

C. Alexander Simpkins Ph.D. & Annellen M. Simpkins Ph.D.


Sale : $15.50

142 pp 70 min. audio CD

PUB: 05/04

Meditation from Thought to Action with Audio CD Second Edition teaches meditation and how to bring it from quiet sitting to active living! People often think that meditation must be relegated to a quiet back room away from everyday life. The book describes the roots of meditation in Eastern traditions and discusses its overlaps with Western thought. Part Two shows how to develop mental tools for meditation with clear meditation instructions. Part Three guides in meditation with activity and relationships.  Using meditation any activity of life becomes an opportunity to transform.

The CD guides listeners into meditations linked to action with clear exercises to follow. Then it takes meditation into the activities of living with step-by-step meditative instructions to bring about health, conflict reduction, spiritual discipline and ethical action. 

  • Sustain Meditation in Activity
  • Develop Self Control
  • Be Mindful during Interactions
  • Keep Clear in the Midst of Conflict
  • Find Courage Even Under Duress
  • Live with discipline, vitality, and calm